Reviews: Teacher I have a question

I feel dirty...

...And not in a fun way. I clicked on this story because their was no real summary for it, and I was curious.

It was not worth it.

Susan acts so out of character that I was rolling my eyes throughout the whole thing. She cusses like a modern American teenager, which threw me out of the story completely. Lucy also feels 'off' to me, though I think that's mostly a problem with the plot rather than her. However, the idea that she would even act the way she does makes me side-eye this story quite a bit.

What is the story about?

Susan (cussing like a modern American teenager) has to give Lucy "The Talk". Lucy already knows it, but asks Susan to teach her how to masturbate. Porn ensues.

Yes really.

I suppose it's okay if you get off to that sort of thing, but as a Narnia fanfic, it just makes absolutely no sense. Susan and Lucy and incredibly OOC, the tone is all wrong for the two girls to actually be two teenage girls from England/Narnia, and while reading it, I got the impression (mistaken or not) that it was trying incredibly hard to be ~edgy~.

Again, I'm sure somewhere someone likes this fic, but no way is it actually a Narnia fanfic.