Reviews: Spare Me These Unending Trials


Erik angsts a little too hard one day, and this gets the attention of Davy Jones from across however much time and space that exists between these vastly different verses. So, Jones offers Erik an opportunity to switch places with him (read: he shanghais Erik into captaining the Dutchman so that he can finally get off the blinking ship). Davy Jones ends up cast in Die Fliegande Hollander as the main character, Madame Giry falls in love with Davy and vice versa, Erik angsts some more on the deck of the Dutchman and embarrasses the crew with his slightly more flamboyant tastes in decoration, Christine is made fun of, Captain Jack figures out what's going on, and people start crossing over between the universes all over the place. And it. is. AWESOME!

This is an incredibly humorous fic that is also epic in its expanse, and very well thought out. It's a real Door Stopper, but reading it is worth every minute of your time.