Reviews: Shinji And Warhammer 40 K

What happens when you take a horrible, Pretentious Series and proceed to make it awesome Via Warhammer

Like my title say's, this is basically what happens when you take a terrible, horrible, VERY PRETENTIOUS franchise, and proceed to inject Warhammer 40 into the Main Character's Childhood, which in turn makes the Main Character into a Magnificent Bastard, make another, emotionless character......well what happens to her is too good to spoil, and proceed to make an' Franchise i DESPISE into a story I couldn't stop reading for a while. The Writing itself ain't bad.

Byakugan01's Review

Well, this was also my first REAL introduction to the world of NGE. W H40k, now that was something I was already intimately familiar with. I knew the basics of NGE-who and what Rei was, who Asuka was, who Shinji was, the EVA's true nature, etc, etc. But this-this is the work that actually made me appreciate the potential inherent within the NGE universe. As someone who LIKES Crazy Awesome and Shout Out s, I loved this fic. Seeing how the butterfly effect of what happened by changing Shinji's childhood did was also interesting. Above all, though, this fic was fun to read, and kept me glued to the computer more than was probably healthy for me during the previous fall semester. I was actually disappointed when I ran out of chapters to read, and so I simply re-read some of my favorite chapters. It is very, VERY long. However, it is also very, very good if you don't mind the Shout Outs and Crazy Awesome. Definitely am hoping the author will carry it through to the end. I must say say-even if it ends like Canon!Evangelion, the ride was definitely worth it.

Willbyr's review

This is one of the standards by which all Crack Fics should be measured. Bpen's done a truly outstanding job of being able to explore just how deeply Evangelion could be changed by adding 40K into the mix in the manner that he has. The characters, for all of the warping that happens, still manage to maintain their canon selves enough to not be totally unrecognizable, and the changes to the Angels and the battles against them are a lot of fun to read, as are the hijinks that the pilots get into in the quieter moments. That being said, Rouge Angles Of Satin does show up fairly frequently, and the levels of Marty Stu that Shinji exhibits, the huge number of Shout Outs, and the sheer outrageousness of the story may turn off readers with a low tolerance for such things. Still, I'd recommend this without hesitation. On a personal note, this fic was my introduction to both NGE fanfiction and 40K, and was one of the very first works that I discovered through TV Tropes.

Sneebs' review

I'm probably going to get Inquisitors up my arse, but this didn't rock my world as much as it was supposed to. While very funny and deliciously off-the-wall, characterization couldn't have become less flat if they were the main female cast of Disgaea. Regardless of what the Author say he's doing, Shinji manifests the dread character blight of Marty Stu-dom as he defies Eva-canon laws of physics and wins the fanatical loyalty of the staff of NERV with such defiance of physical laws. Characters simply side with Shinji because the author wants it to turn out that way. Recommended, but with reservations. If you feel like something silly and off-the-wall, then by all means indulge yourself; if your're a overly serious and pretentious prick like me who likes proper grammar & spelling with decent characterization and storytelling, go and have a bit to something to drink instead.

Tacitus's review

I have had little knowledge of or interest in Evangelion, yet this fan fic sank its claws into me so deep I was compelled to do little but read it for three days straight as I watched an unfamiliar world slowly change into one I knew intimately. It basically operates under the thesis that Anything + Warhammer 40,000 = Awesome, and is entertainingly successful. So Eva Unit 01 + W40K = Principio Eternus: "The enemies of man will die, by my hands they shall be broken." Shinji, allegedly one of the greatest pusses of all animedom + W40K = a mixture of Captain Carrot and Paul Atreides. Creepy dead-eyed child Rei + W40K = something too hilariously awesome to spoil. Sure, some may cry Marty Stu or Plot Derailment, but it's a fun what-if scenario with enough Genre Savvy and pop-culture references to counteract the occasional spelling error. Highly recommended: the prologue alone is marvelous, and it actually made this troper reflect upon how much an impact the game had on his own development.