Reviews: Sagacity Unbroken

An Intriguing Read

The bad thing about this fic is that it starts pretty weakly. The first chapter is quite confusing, featuring a Naruto driven almost to catatonia by... various, completely unexplained events. Honestly, if the author deleted the prologue, the story would be better for it. After that point though, the author imediately begins the arc that leads to the confusing state of the world featured in the first chapter.

It's epic. This AU seems to be a fusion of Naruto's plot on top of some pieces of the Nasuverse. The tailed beasts are obviously different from their canon forms, but all in all that somehow manages to be a good thing so far, if only because it's led to some truly entertaining action writing.

The biggest problem that this story has is the author seems to post new chapters first, and only revise them after that fact. Although that seems to only take a few hours to happen, it's still a black mark in my opinion.

Overall, it's worth a read so far, but I recommend that readers wait a day until after the updates if they want the best experience