Reviews: Project RADIONOISE

out of character

"This city is dark beyond your wildest imagination. And if you find out what is at its core Well, I guess this monster will just have to find room in her heart for one more crime." —Misaka Mikoto

many of the characters have had their grittiness turned up to eleven in this fanfic which trounces even the morbidity of the original light novels; Touma's fate has been drastically changed from the original series: upon finding that he's a level zero, Alister discards him rather than taking an interest in his imagine breaker. Labeled a "Child Error", Touma is cast out of normal society, and grows up largely unaware of his Illusion-Killer ability. Thus, his first encounter with the underworld of Academy City comes in the form of a delinquent getting murdered by the RADIO NOISE MISAKA clones led by a decidedly adult LAST ORDER, all of whom are decidedly more sadistic than their canon counterparts. The main characters of the show are no exception; unlike his canon counterpart, Accelerator freely goes out of his way to slaughter anyone who so much as offends him, something that Academy City officials freely ignore. The most drastic and unwelcome change comes in the form of Misaka Mikoto who—well aware of the actions of her clones—actively brands herself "Railgun, the Butcher of Academy City" to compensate for the crimes they commit (it seems she was actively involved in their development). Nevertheless, even she is more than willing to take down anyone who gets in her way, as proven when she flies into a rage after Touma hands her over to Anti-Skill, killing her captors and hundreds of bystanders as she attempts to annihilate him.