Reviews: People In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Sexy and Unique

This fic revolves around a pairing and a character that don't get nearly enough love in the fandom, and the result is spectacular. It's a testament to the skill of the writer that a person who was given probably less than half an episode's worth of characterization in canon now has a lifetime's worth of backstory, personality, and flaws, and a somewhat curmudgeonly sense of humor. It's also very interesting to see Zuko and Iroh and their relationship through the eyes of a third party who utterly despises Zuko and is frustrated with Iroh's lenience toward him.

Jee's inner monologue is often very funny, sometimes harsh and painful, and occasionally warm and sincere. The whole fic is full of powerful emotions; the tensest moment revolves around Zuko and Jee standing motionless, staring at each other, not saying anything, and it works. The crew members all have names and many of them have at least a sentence's worth of personality.

Most of the fic is hilarious, with the funniest bits being the notes posted on doors and walls, the graffiti on the latrine door, and the song entitled "The Balls of Captain Zhao," even though we don't get to see the lyrics in their entirety. Zuko hurriedly explaining that he will only be jailbait for two more months is also funny, but also very real and emotional and a bit heartbreaking, as is the conversation that comes after it.

The two chapters that have been posted as of this review can (and were written to) stand on their own, but the author plans on eventually adding more to what is already there.