Reviews: Minds Memoriesand Misfortune


This is definitely an interesting read, I dare say even my favorite fanfic out there.

It kicks off with the rivalry of Shokuhou Misaki, the fifth Level Five Esper, who basically has every mental ability ever, and Misaka Mikoto, as the former is annoyed by Mikoto's lack of damage control regarding rumors concerning the both of them. She tries to get at her over her rumored boyfriend, Kamijou Touma. Their meeting results into her diving into his memories, just as Mikoto runs into them. This results in drama, and as it unfolds, the three get caught up in a strange net of rumors and triangle relations, and most memorably, Mikoto getting emotionally broken by a reluctant Misaki.

Misaki's portrayal as a distant, yet not callous and mischievous meddler and Mikoto in her vulnerability, pride and battle with her self really make this interesting, as Mikoto's and Touma's relationship is explored and the Tsundere, which in the mother series was one of the running gags or used for cute moments, is called out and deconstructed. Later on some interesting plot twists and exciting cliffhangers leave you wanting more, but at one point you will notice a sudden lack of compelling drama while experiencing a surge of… wacky school hijinks… Yeah at one point the Daihaseisai happens and the story focuses more on the battle of the schools, which wasn't unentertaining, but also not really necessary and felt rather out of place, more so than, let's say, Full Metal Panic. It does, however, recover from that and continues in a way that you can't stand not being able to read the next chapter.

While Misaki and Mikoto get fleshed out and even Saten gets a bit of attention, Touma does what he does best, albeit with a lot less punching (he still gets an awesome moment or two), although he seems to have contracted a case of the Snark, which tends to be very common among fanfiction protagonists these days. Maybe that is a phenomenon derived of the typical humor that permeates the net and This Wiki, but whatever. 'Tis but a minor complaint seeing Touma acting a little OOC, alongside the weak sports festival chapters. This should not stop you from reading this fanfic, in all other aspects it's a well crafted and interesting story that adds it's own flavor to the To Aru verse while holding onto the originals style to a certain extent.