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Ok, this is amazing
Excellent find. It's refreshing to find a fic which portrays both the Sniper and the Spy as competent professionals and at the same time a genuinely tender couple who are willing to endure fairly painful things, such as being forced to continually kill each other all for sake of not being broken up by their superiors. Even better is how they find ways to make the act bearable for each other rather than angst about having to do it. The development of their relationship from casual sex to involved couple was very organic and told from believable point of view. Really one of the better Sniper/Spy fics. I highly recommend it.

The sequel is equally awesome. And I don't want to spoil anything but I'll say this: the Spy refuses to let himself become a victim and utilizes mainly his wits and information network to accomplish this. After being inundated with so many ridiculous scenarios in which this man is portrayed as incapable of defending his virtue this really stood out to me.
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