Reviews: In The Blood

An incredible and lengthy read

This is a future fic, so a lot of the cast is made up by O Cs such as Sasuke's children. This is one of the few fics where the O Cs are truly strong enough to stand as characters in their own right and carry a story on their own if need be, they are interesting, beautifully flawed, diverse and sympathetic when they're supposed to be. All the main characters experience realistic development during the course of the story.

It's a future fic that has some unexpected pairings that are written plausibly, characters are fleshed out and have been given a couple of decades development off screen, but are still true to the characters you've been reading about. Sasuke is the main character and his characterisation is exquisite, he doesn't fall into the traps of perfect hero, villain or helpless victim. His obsessive personality is in full force in the most heart-breaking of ways, and there are several moments where you can see what is going to happen as a result, but it's all the more poignant because of this. There are also a couple of surprise alternative character interpretations which don't contradict canon and don't seem out of place, but make a character more human.

The beta couples are well-written and built on strong foundations, this is a fic which has made me like pairings I have never shipped and I'm not sorry.


The mystery is absolutely fascinating, and only made the more intriguing by the beautiful characterization of everyone dealing with it. A supremely addicting fic! This story is consistently updated once a week, which is great because it is so gripping. The dialogue in particular feels real.