Reviews: I Do

Overstayed The Concept

Let's say there were only three chapters of I Do. Even only two.

This would have been a great story, tight, well-plotted, excellent prose, snappy delivery necessary for comedy.

But there aren't. There are 17 chapters. The story far outstays its welcome, the quality of the plot and the snappy delivery necessary growing less with each one. Eventually one begins to think the story is a serious work. The comedic elements are all retained but treated seriously, but there was no transition and no subtle crafting. Instead it merely decayed.

Willbyr's review

I've never been a big Ranma fan, so for me, as those elements became more pronounced, the humor tapered off a bit...the fic could've dropped the Ranma aspect entirely and still worked just fine. That being said, I like what the author did with both the Eva and Ranma characters...Original Flavor yet still very recognizable. Overall this fic is very funny, check it out ASAP.

Cryptic Mirror's review

Hilarious and works surprisingly well for an Evangelion setting with an Original Flavor Ranma, in terms of relationships and interactions, mashup. Major Gendo bashing is involved, and the way the adult Ranma and his family is drawn in is inspired (and possibly unique). Lime content warning though.