Reviews: Honorfor All

Worth a Look

A genuinely interesting fanfic by some of the more prominent authors in the Zootopia Fen scene. The general idea casts Judy Hopps as the Royal Protector to Empress Jessamine, and Nick as "The Shadow Fox," a legendary thief and a fairly clear Garrett Expy.

While the Fic follows the Plot of Dishonored fairly closely, it isn't an exact recreation, and the presence of Nick is more than enough to shake things up. Nicka and Judy's relationship in the fic also isn't what one might expect. It's revealed very early on that Nick has very strong romantic feelings towards Judy, but extreme hostility towards Jessamine for a certain reason. Also, Nick and Judy's first interaction in the fic is actually Judy hiring Nick for a job, not arresting him.

Overall, a very interesting read, one that should definitely be looked at.