Reviews: His Own Man

Some interesting differences from the cookie cutter format

His own man starts out fairly standard, until you meet the malfoys. Perhaps a little unrealistic in that aspect but it does make an interesting change to see the Malfoys not be completely evil. The other difference that I feel is worth commenting on is Sirius. Sirius is so broken and some of the passerby comments that are made just really hit you hard. Overall I think Sirius is very well written.

  • Things that don't change

Dumbledore still manipulative, Harry still too mature although he doesn't even try to hide it, and so far Snape will be Snape although his character has some depth to it as well.

Interesting read with quite a bit of fanon

"This story starts off the same as Back Again, Harry? above, but quickly takes it along a very different path. Harry is very, very mistrusting of Dumbledore and for very good reasons in this fic. The only complaint that is commonly addressed is Harry's openness of his abilities, the author defends this with the claims that wizards aren't logical and no one has thought to directly ask Harry about this... yet."

The story treats a lot of fanon as fact and many events for Harry don't work out as well as he'd hoped. Still an interesting read if you're looking for a peggy sue with an Independent and Powerful Harry.