Reviews: Hinamoris Apprentice

Hinamori's Apprentice

While excellent on almost every front, Karin seemed to gain her strengths a little too quick for comfort. That said, it stands out amongst the rest as a well-paced and well-written piece of work. The author's ability to both expand characters and the world on a personal level along with maintaining the canon status-quo is noteworthy. Also, despite my discomfort with Karin's power acceleration (which is a relatively minor infraction when considering the time limitations of a story), her zanpakuto - and the scenes of her 'inner world' - are quite frankly, awesome! It reads quite well - definitely recommended (there can never be enough 'Momo comes into her own' fics!).

Zero Sennin's review

A nicely paced and well-written story that gives Momo motivation and opportunity to take a level in badass without really losing her veracity as a character, as well as exploring the fallout of Aizen's betrayal and how it's affected her relationship with Toshiro and other Shinigami. Well worth a read.