Reviews: Healing

It needs work

Rape should be taken seriously, and it's obvious this writer does just that. Sassbrat understands the difficulties and measures necessary to help rape victims heal. Unfortunately, their writing style just isn't at the level to write about such a sensitive topic. On a technical level, there's many typos and a very serious lack of commas. It's poorly paced, with scenes and dialog rushed to the point of becoming run-on sentences. Structurally, this kind of story demands a slower pace and a more in-depth analysis of the characters' inner turmoil than the bare bones descriptions provided. There is so little finesse in the execution that it can come off as unintentionally offensive, a shame considering the author's obvious desire to be sensitive.

So, though the genderbender is interesting (and Brodie is the cutest nickname for girl-Wally ever) and the characters are IC, "Healing" just needs more work to be a really great story.