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Highly Compelling
The plot flows at first as the exploration of an entity who operates on a different set of world physics than the rest of the setting, with a lot of fun poked at Dungeons and Dragons' mechanical structure and a degree of lighthearted ribbing of infamous 'munchkin' attitude, and keeps that element going strong with the plot gradually shifting to follow a rather farcical existential crisis for poor shallow, min-maxed, roll-playing (and proud of it!) Milo, as he's forced by the scenario he's found himself in become a deeper character, much to his dismay.
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hilarious, and a good intro to western RPG style
great series so far. The author introduces a decent OC who's naturally quirky (coming from a different universe and all) without making him overpowered. It's a hilarious deconstruction of both D&D and Harry Potter because the OC is fully aware that he's a D&D character with stat points and everything, and he's trying to impose his own universe's mechanics on the Harry Potter universe.

even if you're not a fan of D&D, the concepts are presented very smoothly in the narrative without glaring infodumps. great work so far.
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Lots of promise, and great characters!
Extremely well executed, with great editing and the kind of characterization you don't normally get in fanfiction as close to crack as this one is. In particular, the Harry is almost perfect- he's better than in many of the best-respected HP fics. In addition, the OC is very reasonably powered and does not at all cry out for a knife to the face. Also, there appears to be a well-kept update schedule. I, personally, will be following this story voraciously.
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