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Nothing Particularly Special
After reading Girls' School, I was not particularly impressed. The writing style was somewhat choppy, and it seemed like the chapters could use a couple more proof-reads.

While rape and hatecrimes are horrific offenses and Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped, I felt as though this fic did not explore the aftermath of either very thoroughly. The assaulted girl did experience some of the typical responses to a traumatizing event, but I thought her reactions were very formulaic and not adequately described: the parts of the story about her dealing with the rape read almost as footnotes.

Lastly, there was no character development for the established characters, and the original characters were uninteresting and felt like ciphers. Because the rape was inclusive with a hatecrime, the perps are given no other motive than because "Because I felt like it," and the anti-Semetic prejudices displayed by the perps went totally unexamined by the story.

Girls' School is just as generic as its name. Overall, the story was decent, but I don't feel as though it showed much creativity.
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