Reviews: Fanfic/Kingdom Hearts I:Seekerof Darkness

Better than It Sounds

This story is just part one of a rather ambitious project. It's basically a novelization of the first game. But throughout the narrative there are hints that something much bigger is going on. Sora's backstory is expanded on quite a bit. Not to mention the author remembers that Donald and Goofy are as much the heroes of the story as Sora is. Sora also suffers quite a bit, with a rather shocking Mind Rape in the last few chapters. Plus, the author is quite clearly a Sora/Kairi shipper, and he makes it believable, with Sora uncertain of just what his feelings are. While certainly not immune to the Rouge Anglesof Satin, he truly puts his heart and soul into the story. Updates tend to take a long time, but it's well worth the wait. And what puts this above other novelizations is that it's finished. All in all, it's worth a look for any Kingdom Hearts fan.