Reviews: Evangel Notes: Requiem for a World

Steve The Corn Muffin's review

If the story gets to be on the same level as AlfheimWanderer's other stories, and it looks like it's going to be that way, then we're going to be in for a hell of a ride. Four chapters in and the story is already showing great promise. The story so far has been able to balance great action with thoughtful character interactions, and there's enough hints dropped and intrigue brought up to sustain a healthy sense of interest in the story. If you're into the Nasuverse and Evangelion, stick with this one. I sure know I am. This is going to be good.

Comartemis' review

You know I'm starting to think that AlfheimWanderer has some weird gift for seeing the potential in bizarre crossovers and making solid fics out of them. Evangel Notes is a crossover with the Nasuverse as a whole more than any specific series, but the setting is largely pulled from Angel Notes, one of Nasu's more obscure works. Elements and characters from the rest of the verse are already visible only four chapters in; the Children are Ether Liners and the Evas are Powered Armor-type Knight Arms, Misato is a magus, Rei is apparently cloned from Arcueid, Shinji is best friends with the Fourth Child, Ryougi Shiki's daughter Mana, and the author has indicated in private conversation that Shirou is going to show up at some point along with a host of others. Definitely worth sticking on your watchlist if you're a Nasu fan.