Reviews: Dimension Hopping For Beginners

Left a bad taste in my mouth

I just can't imagine how Harry would have turned into a murdering psychopath. I mean that he literally kills (albeit by proxy; see below) a version of him who's sleeping with a version of Malfoy (who we don't even know is evil!) without the slightest hint of remorse. There's no context whatsoever, it's just to "help" his protegee "Deuce" - another dimension hopping version of HP - get better at dehumanization, by provoking his disgust. The other guy literally says "Can I kill it" before proceeding to do so.

Don't give me that "it doesn't matter, he's only killing himself" kind of crap. And as the other reviewer has mentioned: ridiculous amounts of bashing.

Now, I know the author is aware of how psychopathic these characters are (mentioning HP being "inordinately proud" at how quickly his protegee had "identified an enemy and dehumanized them"), and I don't object to depiction of unlikable or even outright repugnant characters. But calling this "Harry Potter" is way too much. With this kind of AU it's HP in name only, and the author seems to acknowledge that because he's literally called "AK" (get it?).

It would seem that nonjon is intentionally doing this to screw with his readers (this is a small example of why trigger warnings do have their use), and I find his fics generally repulsive. Would not read again.

Smacked in the face with bashing

I tried to read this fanfic, having enjoyed other stories by Nonjon, but this one was just way too bash-heavy and vulgar for my tastes.