Reviews: Derpy Goes To The Doctor

A real tearjerker, but ultimately uplifting.

It's funny: I'm not such a big fan of the series of which this story is a part, but I loved this one installment (which stands alone). It's hard to read this without thinking of "Bubbles," since this story is also an origin story for Derpy, and portrays her as mentally disabled. Also, like "Bubbles," this one is a real heart-breaker. And it is written from Derpy's perspective, whose childlike innocence, and difficulty in fully understanding what is happening to her, makes the story all the more affecting. I don't want to give the impression, however, that this story is some kind of "Bubbles" wrip-off. Far from it: this work is quite different and original. The most critical difference is that this story is ultimately uplifting: Derpy is cared for and loved, not abused and abandoned.