Reviews: Chasing the Rainbow

Kishou's review

More or less a direct sequel to his other story Another Rainy Day in Nerima, in which Ranma watches the serial effects of what could have happened in potential one shots via a magic mirror. As a result, in this story, Ranma decides to resolve his fiancee troubles by legitimately dating them one at a time. Hilarity ensues and you can see Ranma slowly but surely growing out of his bad habits and struggling to find the right girl. Just be warned that while the author doesn't hate Akane, he doesn't see her as a compatible match for Ranma — he tries to avoid bashing her, but she may come off as a bit cliche and tends to not play a very important role in the chapters. Stated by the author to intend to cover all of the OAVs and Non Serial Movies, with extra filler chapters on the side to help flesh out the development.