Reviews: Bunny Goes A Courtin

Be wary of getting into this fic

I think, though it is spoiler-y, people who are looking into reading this should be given a more accurate synopsis of the story beforehand... The concept of rabbit courtship is a cute one, and well done for the few first installments of the fic; though there's definitely some angst, as is common with many fic writers being apt to add negative emotions as to bring the characters closer together. The reason I believe this fanfic really should come with a great big WARNING on it is that the plot of courtship gets dropped fairly early on, in all honestly? We see it in action about 4 - 5 times in total during this monster of a long fic, but then,


it kind of sort of spirals off into a completely unrelated plot line revolving around the return of Pitch, Jack almost getting turned into a nightmare fear type thing, Bunny going on essentially a suicide mission to save everyone, becoming blind in the process because "the Moon did it", Pitch being awakened to a massively angst ridden background that I'm assuming is a complete creation of the author, said background revolving 100% around Pitch/Sandy (which I'm not opposed to, but it should be warned that the ship becomes a very prominent and important part of the story), and that background + relationship being the main focus for slightly less than half of this 8 chapter fic, AND NOT EVEN IN THAT ORDER. Plus the fact that it is, while only 8 chapters, already at an absurd word count and still not yet finished.


Don't let my critical sounding tone keep you from reading it, though, it really is incredibly well written (though the atmospheric imagery is a bit too sparkly and confusing at times) and everyone is impressively in character, except, in my personal opinion, Jack, as he acts too much like a "bottom/uke/shota" thing for my liking. The main reason I have for writing up this review is just to warn people that this fanfic spirals wayyyyy out of control from it's original premise, but you get no warning of that until it happens. So this is me presenting that warning.

Also: another reason I have for this review is to warn readers of it's potential abandonment; when I reached the end of what has been written, I noticed that the author has not updated anything regarding the fanfic in well over 7 months. So. Yeah. But if you like angst, this is for you!


This truly is a very good fic. It's well-written, well-characterized, and everything is well-paced and very nicely thought out. There are, however, a few tiny qualms that (personally) spoil my enjoyment of the whole thing. It's still ongoing so there's still time to see if they work out, particularly with some notes the author has posted in response to comments on the meme, so I'm withholding judgement for now.