Reviews: Best Served

Cliche as hell

So, it's an interesting comic for sure, but there's a rather large problem - it's clearly written to satisfy a Fan Wank that insists that absolutely any minor character with a fandom be behind everything for ever more because "OMG Koh wears a mask! You know who else wears a mask!?".

Problem is, it's really out of character for either of the characters to act this way from what we saw in the old series - Koh in the entire history of the universe only deliberately punished a single person and Wan Shi Tong simply wanted solitude.

A well crafted piece, but the idea was tired even when it was written. Though it is amusing to see Fan Wank survive past its expiration date.

Spot on spirits

As a fan who's been missing the spiritual elements of Avatar, this comic was pretty much fantastic. Koh and Wan Shi Tong were otherworldly, their motivations believably explored, and the whole thing had just the right amount of uncanny thrown in. The art's pretty spiffy too.

Koh and that Old Klingon Proverb

The comic captures the oddness of the spirits quite well, and strongly hints at their Blue And Orange Morality without getting into too much detail. The reveal is easy to see coming, but that's not where the enjoyment in this comic comes from. Rather, it discusses an issue only gestured at so far in The Legend of Korra — the loss of spirituality in the modern era — and does so from the perspective of those that have the most to lose from humanity's materialistic turn, even if it's only in a moral sense.