Reviews: Bad Boys Jedi Style

  • ayy
  • 22nd Jun 12
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Lost interest after the first part. Till then it was good.

I liked it very much when it was about the prequels and it was the TV show...when it moved into Original Trilogy territory, not as much. I guess there was just too many original characters to keep track of, and I didn't like the way Mara (and the Jedi in general) were portrayed. I stopped reading partway through because it didn't seem to be about any of the characters anymore.

So it was very good for the first part, then the second Mara came in it wasn't as interesting anymore. Also, it was written from an Earth point of view (one example I remember was when Anakin I think referred to aliens) because in the Star Wars universe "aliens" aren't aliens, they're just people, this is from a human perspective, an Earth point of view, STAR WARS IS NOT EARTH, WHAT'S GOING ON!! Throughout reading the story I kept thinking "The Temple doesn't do things like that. The Star Wars universe doesn't do things like that. This is from an Earth point of view, this was CLEARLY written by someone from Earth and it's not supposed to, it's supposed to be narraration of the Star Wars universe. What's going on?" until it all became too much for me and I stopped reading after fifty chapters. I think it could have gone better with more research, less original characters, and a better understanding of the universe.

I must say, that I did VERY much enjoy the first part.

Very well handled

While on its surface a comedic story of "behind the scenes" of the prequels showing how some of the more outlandish elements of the script are the result of ad libs and sudden plot changes by the director, there's a more serious side as well. Anakin's angst over his burgeoning sexual feelings could come from a member of any group that practices strict celibacy. The fear of the initial sexual contact (really, just kissing), the overwhelming desire to continue, and the conviction that feelings this lust damns you completely all could be taken directly from many stories from monks and other members of religious orders.