Reviews: Altered Destinies

Running From Your Premise

Most Misato and Shinji stories have a problem, and it is related to their premise: it's kind of squicky. There are overwhelmingly two responses to this problem: flee from it with all their might, or embrace it like their one true love. Both of these approaches have their faults.

This story is one of the former, and neatly summarizes the failings of the approach. In its rush to escape from the possibility of anything squicky going on here, it rewrites Misato so completely she's unrecognizable. All her significant quirks are gone; her original motivations about revenge on the Angels are ignored; even her name is changed. Misao shares little or nothing with the Captain-slash-Major that most Evangelion fans have come to know and love.

While it is somewhat better regarding the other characters be faithful, it's not always good there either. Otherwise, it's quite capable in most ways, and taken standalone from Evangelion it'd be well worth reading. The problem is that we were promised Misato Katsuragi, and we did not get her.