Reviews: Albus Potter Series

Writing needs work, but incredible content

Vekin has some not-quite-purple-prose tendencies (e.g., always "once more," never "again"), the gramar could use some work, they use American versions of some terms until the fifth or sixth book, and there are often chunks of text surrounding a period missing—i.e., "This is a sentence. What happened to the other sentence?" becomes "This is a to the other sentence?"—or multiple words stucktogetherlikethis. (Granted, the last two apparently due to formatting issues with the site and appears later on.) However, the grammar problems decrease somewhat over time and aren't totally unbearable to read, and regardless the content is so good that it's well worth reading through them.

The foreshadowing of Albus's crush is obvious, but the development of the relationship is well paced. The mysteries unfold organically. The conversations among Albus and his friends sound natural and their banter is often witty. His friends each have distinct, full personalities that come through the text clearly. No main character feels two-dimensional, whether from Albus's friends, his family, or the antagonists.