Reviews: Abuse Cycle

Why is this reccomended?

ignoring the hand wave that is explicitly for 18+ (which I am) blah blah, I found it... disturbing. the characters are so badly deconstructed that it's basically an "In name only" fic. not to mention, the actions are completely out of character. it's disrespectful to the characters to make them into something they're not and then to slaughter their set in stone canon personalities, which is what has been done here. it's also blatantly obvious there's adamant character bashing, which doesn't need any more fuel added to that fire.

for anyone whose particularly sensitive to the subject matter of domestic abuse (or just their OTP getting ripped to shreds) will also get offended. honestly, does that belong in this fandom? I don't think so. there are things you just don't subject fictional characters to. it's an unpleasant experience for you to have to write it, it's going to be even worse for us, who have to read it. this is one of those things...

The ocs i also found to be rather bland and found myself skipping over their sections, not caring what I missed. if an author can't reel you in with all characters, they have failed to tell a compelling story.

personally, I don't understand why anyone would want to read this.

granted, it's not at the same level of troll that HIBY was, but it's not much better. it's only redeeming quality is that it's decently written. that's pretty much all. but above all, the fact the author is self absorbed in their perception and is actually taking it seriously, is just plain SAD.

The "How I Became Yours" of Lo K!

Not shockingly, as another show has chosen its title couple, another ship war has launched. And just as "Avatar The Last Airbender" had its own story of a perfectly sane character becoming a genocidal monster because of the anger of a single writer determined to make their ship fit, so now does Legend Of Korra have a perfectly normal teenager turn into a violent maniac because of one angry shipper.

I would not read this story seriously or take any of its insultingly vindictive interpretations with anything more than a serious grain of salt. Instead, I would read it in awe of how far the depths of fandom madness can go. Perhaps one day, "Abuse Cycle" will also have its own Snark Bait peripheral fandom.

Korra's closer to The Chick than the Action Girl from canon

Gramatically, it actually is fairly well written. I'll give it that. The only problem is that, out of every character featured, only one or two are still pretty much in-character. It almost seems like Korra has been chickified. She's much wussier than normal, but I guess that, if you try, it can be Hand Waved as her just being nervous about having what might be her first long-term boyfriend. I absolutely hate seeing someone who is so strong and powerful in-series ruined. While Abuse Cycle might not be like How I Became Yours in quality, it definitely will be come as well known for the same reason: destroying good characters by making them total monsters.

Potentionally Interesting, but Awfullly OOC

I get the impression that the author just really wanted to write about abusive relationships, and he/she (I'm assuming she though) even said that they had been in an abusive relationship before but got out before anything too bad happened. It's interesting in some ways and fairly written if you look at as a story of a girl who slowly looses herself, becoming controlled by her douchey boyfriend. It obviously written with a lot of heart, as a warning, a cautious tale if you will, against abusive relationships.

But, this is Lo K. These characters do not fit the shoe horned story, despite the dark canon interpretation the author claims to have. Mako is derailed to major, major Ron The Death Eater levels, to the point of ridiculousness. The fic comes off as character bashing and very arrogant. The author takes herself seriously and as a result the ugly portrayal of Mako comes off easily as offensive, and her claims of it being a canon interpretation comes off as a bitter Mako-hater wanting to show how awful he is.

So maybe if you're just really, really into dark fic and you have a burning hatred for Mako, then the fic is good for you. It's a shame, because writing is not absolutely horrendous like How I Became Yours or other such fanfics. No, it's much more intelligent and capable than that. However the tone and Ron The Death Eater tendencies drag pretty far down.

Interesting, if not a touch... arrogant

That would be a huge YMMV. The original story is poorly executed, but the idea is interesting. I would avoid that one. However, the expanded... series, is it? Is actually pretty good, and takes the original idea and treats it with the proper dignity and care a story such as that deserves. I would recommend at least trying that one.

However, for fans of Mako, or of the pairing Makorra, as interesting as the idea is, and as sweeping as the implications are, don't read either of these, as the tone is really rather vindictive toward Mako. Also, it comes across as some contention that the author insists that there is canonical evidence for Mako's abusive behavior manifesting. If you don't agree with that, but still would like to give the story a chance, take the setting at face value. While the author may not think so, I would call this an AU.

Also, avoid any discussion regarding the story, as it will all lead to flame wars, and the author is a bit arrogant in his or her 'idea'. Take it as a story, and not some 'game changer' to the fandom. It's a pretty good story. Not great, but it deserves to exist, and it deserves to be given a chance.


Follows the overcliche and terribly done Ron the Death Eater syndrome by making the character extremely OOC and making him in line with an abusive monster. Author insists that its canon interpretation, but narrow minded view of character/hatred of character makes it apparent of a classic case of bashing.

It's a dark fic, but it'll probably become known as THE lok darkfic

Abuse Cycle is one of those things you should read just because of the impact it will have on the fanbase. It's pretty similar to the infamous Ranma 1/2 darkfic, "The Bitter End."

That is to say, Abuse Cycle takes all of Mako's nasty habits and extends them to a rather unfortunate conclusion. I say read the thing if you can stomach a darkfic, it's pretty well written all things considered. Abuse Cycle seems to be Lo K fan history in the making, for better or worse. Just keep in mind that Mako is probably not going to start smacking Korra up in canon any time soon.