Reviews: The Bridge

Pretty Good

To be fair, with the MLP part, I thought it'd be weird to me, but it wasn't. while Angurius was the First Full-Size Kaiju encountered the main cast instead of the first, I can understand the author's decision to leave Junior as the 4th, as the key to a good Godzilla story is when to let the King of the Monsters out to play. as for the method to get Godzilla back to full size without massive property damage (which is ever present in Godzilla) perfectly captures my opinion on Crapsack Universes (Throw Godzilla at them)

Takes some getting used to, but worth it

I came into this story knowing next to nothing about Godzilla or most kaiju properties in general. 14 chapters in I know at least 14 kaiju by heart and appreciate the genre more. As I understand it, Godzilla is a character who's had wildly different incarnations across his movies, ranging from a all loving hero to a cold villain, and everything in between. The world the author made these kaiju hail from is fan made, but was made with a lot of love and obviously with knowledge of many different series. Considering the mess of continuity the franchise has, it seems like this was the best option.

I love Godzilla Junior. On one hand he's got to be one of the most cool headed and self assured protagonists I've seen that wasn't egotistical. He knows he's a powerhouse and not much can hurt him, but he's completely chill about it most of the time. Still, even if he can be a bit rough at times their are spots that show he is definitely a character who gives a damn about others. When he transforms back into his full form when Canterlot is under attack, you feel a rush knowing he's there to save the day.

The numerous 'fish out of water' moments with all the kaiju adjusting to living in a civilization range from chuckle worthy to flat out hilarious. I haven't laughed this much from a fic in a long time. The scene with Gigan flipping out due to Mane-iac had me busting a gut for ten minutes straight.

That said, does take getting used to. The color coded dialogue was awkward at first and took a bit to pick up well, and though it's a unique universe the kaiju hail from; going in blind about their franchise can be a bit confusing at times unless you read the author blogs. And aside from that there are some spelling and grammatical errors.

Still, you know it was made with a lot of love by all the creators. The action scenes are beautifully detailed, the image artwork by Faith-Wolff meshes perfectly with the story, all the characters are fairly distinct; and neither franchise gets the short end of the crossover stick.

Excellent crossover, best of its particular type.


Not Perfect, but Surprisingly on Target

Certainly a diamond once polished enough. Sure there are some weird bits here and there (small typos, possible OOC moments, etc.), but the story itself is very good over all.

When two stories have a crossover, there is often a big fear that one franchise will overshadow the other, such as two superheroes sharing a title and one seemingly being much more competent and powerful than the other. When mixing in something like MLP with a legion of juggernauts like the kaiju, one would think it might fall into this trap; but is does manage to avoid it. Yes the kaiju as they stand are far more powerful than most anything in Equestria, but this is balanced by the MLP roster knowing how their world works, the kaiju being in a forms more on their level most of the time; and the kaiju needing the MLP roster to achieve their full potential.

In some ways I'd say its more a Godzilla story set in Equestria, given that the majority of the villains hail from the kaiju world; but this is balanced by us spending a lot of time with the native Equestrians in dealing with the conflict.

Now I'll say something flat out. This story's version of Godzilla is a superhero. If you came for the destroyer of worlds and walking apocalypse, go read 'Born of Rage'. That said, the way it is presented is in a fairly believable manner and I've grown to love it. For one it's made very clear the version of the Big G used is one from the films we know is a benevolent force, being the adult Godzilla Junior from the Heisei series. And secondly, the way he acts does seem believable that the youngster we saw aging in the 90s series would grow up to be like this given his situations and personality. If he had a voice, he probably would act and talk like what is shown.

Gore - Very moderate. Death is present and there is some blood and wounds, but not over something of a PG-13 rating. Sexual themes - Almost entirely averted, if not completely made fun of. Still, we do get some jokes in one chapter about it. Violence - Nothing too much higher than what was in the kaiju films, PG. Story Telling - A bit complex and might be hard to keep up with for new fans at first, but a lot gets explains in story and on author blogs.

Safe for fillies? - Fairly. It's pretty clean without getting immature.

Overall Score - 92/100

The Bridge: More than meets the eye

Fairly original take on a 60 year old property? Check

Crossover said property with a franchise none saw coming? Check

Devote equal billing to both franchises and make it a balanced crossover? Check

The story may be still in progress, but it's become quite the page turner. While it's not high fiction, it is a cut above the average flock of stories for both franchises. The story is original, the situations unique; and the characters are given alot of times to play off each other. Most stories have a Godzilla who's either mysterious and thus voiceless; or talkative and risks going out of character. This one managed to pull off the same power and mystique the kaiju roster demanded when it's needed, but gave them a voice we could believe would come of the characters if they spoke. And seeing how these two rosters who come from very different lifestyles and worlds interact is interesting, covering a broad range from friendship, conflict, distrust; even affection. It's currently the longest crossover of its type, and very well may be the best of them.

4/5 so far