Reviews: Planktons Eye View

Philosophical, Heartwarming, Simply Awesome

Back when James was still a troll, I flamed his Troll Fic, One Less Lonely Gurl. I was disgusted by how awful his alter-ego Monica seemed to be as a person. (She does get better later on, though.)

In contrast to that Troll Fic, however, Plankton's Eye View has been one of the best fanfics I have ever read. It is surprisingly deep for a fanfic about a children's cartoon, containing lines about religion, old age, the meaning of life, death, and afterlife. It is here that James's true personality shines through and here as well that he shows his true potential as an author. It is Darker And Edgier than the source material as well, because in this story, Plankton would actually attempt suicide.

This fanfic has its own share of heartwarming moments and tearjerkers as it follows the journey of an old Plankton who has led a life of nothing but bitter failures, hoping to pick up the pieces and ultimately reconcile with an old friend who is currently in his deathbed. He also acknowledges what little time he has left, and the fanfic also focuses on making the best of that small amount of time and the finite nature of life.

It's a must-read for those who feel like their lives have lost all meaning, those who have become world-weary, those who have lost the zest of youth, and those who feel like they have not accomplished anything meaningful at all. Also, Word Of God states that this fanfic is dedicated to his grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.