Reviews: Boys Und Senshado

Better than most boys in tankery fics, but still flawed

Boys Und Senshado goes down a very common road for Girls Und Panzer fanfics- adding boys into the mix. While the concept is nothing new, nor is there all that much different about it, it does a better job than most fanfics, albeit with a few noticeable flaws.

The fic doesn't do much more with the concept than others of its kind, but it does explore into how things might go with boys suddenly being integrated into the school, as well as other tankery authorities taking note of the developments. The fic could have explored such issues in more depth, but it's an interesting start that shows a significant amount of thought by the author.

The tank battles are decent, with a large amount of technical information on the tanks incorporated for those interested in it (although it's somewhat debatable as to how realistic the "tankery uses simunition" retcon is), but aren't strong enough to carry the fic on their own. The lack of an an apparent overarching conflict, however, makes it relatively more difficult to care whether the protagonists win or lose, without knowing what is at stake.

The canon characters largely seem secondary to the plot, without having much to do apart from piloting their tanks. Shiho initially seems to be demonized, and while recent chapters hint that her actions are better-intentioned than they seem, it comes off as somewhat abrupt, making it less than believable.

Most of the OCs aren't very interesting, mainly coming off as very similar to the female characters. Akio does come off as a bit of a Gary Stu, with the author essentially giving him the role of building up Miho’s self confidence in ways that her canon friends cannot, and pulling through at a critical moment when Miho's friends have been thrown the Idiot Ball. He also seems somewhat self-righteous and judgmental when he accuses Maho of not being there for Miho, even after Miho defends her sister.

Still, this is better done than most fics of the sort. If the flaws mentioned aren't enough to repel you, you might enjoy it.