Reviews: Unreal

Willbyr's review

I agree that the latter half seems a little rushed, but overall I really liked this story. The characters were believable (I especially liked the treatment of Rei), the concept was skillfully handled, and the conclusion was WAFF-y but not syrupy.

Nerdorama's review

I love short fics, I love AUs, and I love characters actually being as smart as they're supposed to be. I thought the ending (whole second half really) was a tad rushed, but it's still an excellent fic full of excellent characterization and storytelling.

Operation Shoestring's review

Unreal is fic that is at once dark, but somehow still positive. It brilliantly explores the characters of Asuka and Gendo in great depth, the latter indirectly in a fashion I can't explain without spoiling the story. But suffice to say Unreal manages to be both chillingly creepy and heart warming without missing a beat.