Reviews: It Cant Get Worse

Looney Toons' review

I'm not as impressed with this fic as Mirror is. Zentrodie does have a good sense of plot and character development, and a reasonable ear for comedy. But the fic is riddled with eggcorns, malaprops, word choice errors and semirandom punctuation — there are virtually no sentences in the entire four chapters I read that don't have some kind of problem. It looks like it's written by someone who's never actually read anything before, and doesn't quite know what English is supposed to look like. I should note that I've put this fic on my "check for updates" list, because I did enjoy it despite its flaws.

Cryptic Mirror's review

Asuka in Shinji's body is comedy gold, although fair warning that the Shinji as Asuka has Mandys Law Of Anime Gender Bending in full effect. Full of laugh-out-loud moments, from Misato and Ritsuko's attempt to foist the blame for the fiasco on each other in front of Gendo to Asuka's first morning "experience" as Shinji. Who says the Eva-verse can't be funny?