Reviews: In the Case of Asuka Langley Sohryu

Good untill angels...

Unfortuantly, I have to agree with my fellow tropers. Story is good and seems to be heading to better end thansk to somebody finaly putting these kids to therapist, but then comes the alliance with angles. You can actualy hear how story crashes into tree.

MAI's review

Upon reflection, a lot of the darkness in Anno's world comes from there being no therapists. No-one to talk to, no-one to sort through his characters' serious issues. Upon reflection, it does make more sense that Nerv would want to invest in its pilots' mental health. A comatose pilot is a useless pilot, after all.

I would have to agree with my peers; the story progresses well enough until Kaworu appears on the scene and, with his colleagues, takes things in a rather... different direction, one that I'm not 'happy' with. As a whole there's satisfactory characterisation and reasonable dialog, though grammatical/word choice errors are frequent; its a satisfactory waff fic, but not one of the greats.

Sneebs' review

Interesting and lighter than the original series, this entry falls apart once the fourteenth chapter is reached. The character development (like so many Eva fanfics) allows the characters to become happier over time due to a positive change in their lives. Kaworu as the exposition fairy in chapter 14 was a real nosedive in quality. Dammit, why could't the author have tried to not force a happy ending!?

Shay Guy's review

Contested on the grounds that things stop being interesting once Asuka's mostly worked through her issues. And teaming up with the Angels didn't make a whole lot of sense.

K 9 Thefirst 1's review

An AU from Asuka's perspective, and for most of the story stays pretty accurate with the anime. Well, except for the fact that There ARE therapists. Oh! And the Children, NERV and the Angels team up starting when Arael mind rapes Asuka, which leads to the averting of a lot of the bad things that happened in The End, especially Third Impact. May not be the kind of thing an NGE fan may be used to, it might not be as good as most of the other entries here, but can certainly be a good pick me up for those who have a taste for sugar and wished for a less bittersweet end to the series, as well as a way to ease into the show.