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Deconstruction at its finest
Rectifying my review in the review page, basically Peggy Sue fics forget that Shinji is just a boy and his father, the Angels and Seele has the true power. The most interesting thing is that Shinji actually takes a level in badass, but his father was just a step in his front. In case if it's too dark for you, there is an anonymus review (in the review page, on the 3rd page, as of today) that places a rather plausible reconstructive alternate ending.
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Nerdorama's review
I was going to complain that this seemed to be particularly sniping at Once More With Feeling, but then I remembered all Evangelion Peggy Sue fics have basically the same plot anyway, details included. Then I just enjoyed the irony of Gendo making similar (if less obvious) "mistakes" when the positions are reversed in Lavanya's other fic.

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Cryptic Mirror's review
Darkly humourous and the perfect antidote to all the over played "Shinji the hero" fics that exist out there.
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