Reviews: Better Luck Next Time

Deconstruction at its finest

Rectifying my review in the review page, basically Peggy Sue fics forget that Shinji is just a boy and his father, the Angels and Seele has the true power. The most interesting thing is that Shinji actually takes a level in badass, but his father was just a step in his front. In case if it's too dark for you, there is an anonymus review (in the review page, on the 3rd page, as of today) that places a rather plausible reconstructive alternate ending.

Nerdorama's review

I was going to complain that this seemed to be particularly sniping at Once More With Feeling, but then I remembered all Evangelion Peggy Sue fics have basically the same plot anyway, details included. Then I just enjoyed the irony of Gendo making similar (if less obvious) "mistakes" when the positions are reversed in Lavanya's other fic.

Cryptic Mirror's review

Darkly humourous and the perfect antidote to all the over played "Shinji the hero" fics that exist out there.