Reviews: Shattered Innocence

An emotionally-charged, Darker and Edgier ragefic/fanfic aimed at provocation and gutless shock factor

Every animated series has its bumps, and most of these bumps come as episodes that may not gain the approval or pleasure of the show's vocal fanbase. One such episode of The Loud House was "No Such Luck," an otherwise funny episode that seemed to earn the ire of the fans due to its writing and handling of the characters.

One such reaction is this fic before you, written by a displeased fan who uses rampant dark themes to simultaneously present his own Author Filibuster about the episode and punish the characters who acted out-of-character in said episode. This makes it, by definition, a ragefic and a fixfic. In this number of cases, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but thanks to the fic's rushed and Narm-tastically dark premise, extreme out of character nature and the general presence of Writer on Board, this fic is compromised immediately and is otherwise unable to be enjoyed.

If you hated the episode and want instant gratification, go ahead and read. Otherwise, avoid it like the plague, as you are wont to do in situations such as this.