Reviews: Neon Genesis Evangelion Genocide

The Perfect Antidote for your Evangelion Blues

If you're like me, then you've recently finished watching all of NGE and seem to have landed yourself in a bottomless pit of despair.

You thought Rebuild might help but then you watched 3.0...

As luck would have it, I'm apparently pathetic enough to research fanfics all for the purpose of achieving closure for an anime thats over two decades old, because god dammit if the last 2/3 of End wasn't some of the heaviest shit I've seen in a while.

Anyway thats where Genocide comes in. After a few quick "what are the best Eva fanfics" web searches I found that Genocide was the most common top choice. As soon as I began reading it I could see why as I was hooked wanting to read it page after page after page.

What immediately drew me in was how the story and everyone in Genocide remained incredibly faithful to the themes and characterizations in the main series. As I listened to the dialogue with the sound of the voice actors in my head I never once thought anything the characters did or said in the story was out of character with how they were portrayed on the show.

The best part of the story is easily Shinji and Asuka's turbulent relationship and it's development. It was disappointing that there wasn't much interaction between the two of them in the anime following Asuka's Mind Rape so their turbulent yet sympathetic relationship was very interesting to see unfold. The story doesn't negate any of the damage from the events of the main series and makes it very clear that everyone is still very much scarred so reading how they attempt to overcome their trauma was very uplifting.

And don't worry, this series isn't all the characters talking out their problems. All the Eva mecha fighting you loved is very present. The action scenes were surprisingly intense reads and matched with the combat shown on the series.

Genocide is actually a better read if you have watched End as many of the events from the movie play out in Broad Strokes and in some ways turn out better than they did in the movie (a certain infamous scene with Shinji is mercifully averted).

The original fanfic characters were acceptable for the story and meshed in well but other than Keiko and The Emerald Tablet no one really stood out for me. But I'll take acceptable new characters over Mary Sues who derail the plot any day.

When I got to the last page I felt the closure that I been searching for. The closure that I wish I had gotten from End. I had enjoyed the story so much that I didn't want it to be over.

Before each chapter, Rommel requested that readers leave reviews for the story. After providing a dozen Heart Warming Moments to Evangelion in my mind, leaving a review is the least I can do.

So yeah to sum it up: If you enjoyed NGE but unexpectedly find yourself overcome with existentialistic horror then I highly recommend Genocide.