Reviews: In Flight

This guy can worldbuild, but not summarize.

In a nutshell: Gabriel Blessing is very good at fusing together 2 different universes in a believable way, produce a plot where the characters are more or less motivated to act like they would in canon, and the overall plot is pretty compelling.

He also writes about 20x as much as he needs to.

Seriously, I just got bored, skimmed through chapters (as in, read a sentence, skipped ahead a paragraph or two, read another sentence...) and I didn't feel like I missed anything important. Because if it is important, he probably spent 20,000 words explaining it to you. Just to be sure, I went back to fully read a chapter or two that I skimmed. Really didn't gain much from it.

This really interrupts the pacing as well, every once in a while he'll have to go on a tangent to explain absolutely every minute detail about something, then explain it a second time through dialogue, and maybe a third time to a character that didn't hear it the first time just because. And maybe they'll talk about it again over dinner.

With that said, it's still one of the better fanfics out there, as far as worldbuilding/blending goes. It edges a little bit on Mary-Sue territory without actually going there. Sure, it's a harem fic, but the original work was already a harem anime. Sure, the protagonist has OP fighting skills compared to the majority, but a few select OP characters exist to actually give him a challenge. There's some good humour sprinkled throughout, and the plot/motivations do make sense (even more than the original Sekirei, actually).

Lastly... One major annoyance. He puts in long author's notes at the beginning of each chapter. You have to scroll through a lot to find the actual beginning of each chapter. Even worse, he sometimes even puts in spoilers and discussions of the chapter itself in those author's notes. Why... I have no clue.