Reviews: Herding Cats

Jaw-dropping amazing, but with some cautions

I just marathoned this whole thing and I have a lot of feelings, so I'm gonna write a review that lets people know what they're getting into. No spoilers.

The three biggest "faults" that stick out to me are 1) repetitiveness, 2) the quadrants get fucked, and 3) the conclusion is rushed. 1, Character development is HUGE in this story, but the "Vriska isn't evil anymore!" conversation happened like seven times. Some great character development means it's true, but it (and a few other topics) gets rehashed to death. Sometimes characters have a conversation, get sidetracked, and then have the exact same conversation a different way. This fic could have been 50,000 words shorter by trimming all that out. 2, even though everyone begins and maintains some really thought-provoking and adorable relationships, some characters try to have their cake and eat it too, literally re-defining quadrants to include non-monogamous relations. It's not a bad thing, but they're not tagged, and could be a turn-off. And 3, if you get invested Nepeta's denizen or want to see any aftermath, you're going to be disappointed. That's all I can say.

NOW ONTO THE GOOD THINGS. This fic is AWESOME!!!!!!! It exposed me to a ton of rarepairs and sold me on almost every one. Even ships built on a whim or a joke eventually developed solid foundation that drew me in. This story also includes the first real, solid examples of kismesis I've ever seen that didn't look like someone painted a rainbow on abuse. Props to Eridan for explaining and then proving how to blackrom. The fic also does a surprising and welcomely great job including awesome worldbuilding, and expands on the classpect powers of the trolls by letting us see it in action. Props to Equius for using Void powers in super awesome ways. Character development is also AMAZING. Most every major change in a character is at least justified by a major event, and no characters feel altered for the sake of drama. If you think someone is acting OOC, expect another troll to call them on it soon(ish).

And in addition to all that, you have shenanigans, side-splittingly hilarious roleplaying, tons of great outfits, past/future memo confusion, Homestuck mythos in-jokes (props to a well-placed Trickster reference) pretty great raps, and super-witty writing. If my 1-2-3 don't dissuade you, READ THIS FIC NOW.