Reviews: Treasure Planet

Quite possibly the best adaptation

Let me start off by saying that this film is even better than some of the Renaissance stuff. From the start, we are treated to an exhilarating tale. First of Nathaniel Flint's exploits, resulting in the titular, Treasure Planet, the loot of a thousand worlds. After this exposition, we are treated to Jim Hawkin's own coming-of-age story, and it is masterfully told.

The animation is spectacular, both 2D and 3D. Speaking of which, the 3D animation is well-integrated. Silver's cybernetic components move like a natural part of his own body, and B.E.N. doesn't actually look out of place.

The production design is one of the films biggest draws. It's a perfect mixture of sci-fi and 18th century, with Steampunk and Cyberpunk design influences. Technically though, it's Solarpunk. The galleons are amazingly done, and thanks to the Etherium, a space filled with atmosphere, the they look like a galleon should, but with a number of sci-fi details. All of the aliens are interesting to look at, from Petting Zoo People to red-faced behemoth, truly some of the best character designs in any sci-fi film.

Sure, you can say that the characters are all stock ones, but the writers did enough different things to make them more unique. Jim Hawkins is a boy with father issues and acts out the way he does because of this, which I find to be more believable than being a well-adjusted lad. Dr. Doppler is a composite of both Trelawney and Dr. Livesly, one part comic and one part straight. Captain Amelia is an Action Girl who can hold her own against any Disney hero. Mr. Arrow is just a badass from mere presence. This time around, Silver makes a genuine connection with Jim, becoming a real father figure to him. He is more complex than your standard villain. He's an anti-villain, a villain who is outlined by his nicer qualities.

James Newton Howard's awesome score is yet another draw, being a perfect fusion of old and new.

Stellar performances all around. Brian Murray gets a special mention for dropping a Newton-esque accent in favor of one filled with Irish brogue.

This film is proof that there should be more sci-fi animated films. It's one of those cartoons that is the best at show what animation can do that live-action cannot.