Reviews: Olafs Frozen Adventure

Perfectly fine, as a TV special.

I have yet to see Coco (looking forward to it though), but watching this special alone, I can say the story works better as a TV special than as a theatrical featurette. It apparently got a better reception when aired on TV, and it probably should have stayed there, or the theatrical version should have been edited.

Now as a TV special, it's good. It's not up there with A Charlie Brown Christmas or Mickey's Christmas Carol (that might have been a better pairing with Coco), but it's something I wouldn't mind watching again. The songs are nice, the characters are done well, and they didn't skimp on the visuals (even when this was going to be a TV special).

So I can understand if some were annoyed by having to wait longer to see the main attraction, but now that it's no longer an issue, I hope we can accept this as the harmless, simple, fun story it was meant to be.