Reviews: Doug Walker

Doug Walker reviews - More Bum than Critic

If you didn't know, now in every Bum Review, Doug Walker also does a 10 minute review himself of the same film and posts that in the same section. You should watch this! Apart from nothing else for the opportunity to see Doug not in character. Particularly if you're a hater, you need to watch these because this is what he's like as a person. It's completely unscripted, just him talking to the camera, normally immediately after he's seen the film.

The interesting thing is, he's more Chester A. Bum than Nostalgia Critic in real life. When he gets excited he begins to flap his arms about and suddenly you can see the enthusiasm of Bum slipping through and the same voice creeps into his throat. On the other hand, so far I've seen almost nothing of the critic. He seems like a fun enthusiastic and incredibly likeable person, well worthy of all that he's managed to accomplish.

And the reviews themselves are delightful. Completely honest, and very wise, I've found myself agreeing more with him than almost any other reviewer I've read. But whats particularly special is that he tries to look at it from every angle, rather than just laying into a film, he'll try to work out what sort of person would like it and should go and see it and what type of character traits or personally history would stop someone from trying to enjoy a film. There's a lot of insight, especially given the lack of preparation and he's happy to try and put films into their wider context too and took about the values of the film or the impact it might have.

The tone is absolutely positive, but that doesn't mean he doesn't point out the flaws, or actively dislike some of the films and point that out. In fact even for good films, like The Avengers he's not afraid of highlighting the parts that may not work or even things that would be major problems for certain demographics. It's just rather than laying into it and trying to get humour from the scorn with which he treats the films suckiness, it's quiet, humble and sincere and there's a touch of disappointment that he hasn't been able to find enjoyment in the film.

It really is a shock to find these, and they almost feel a bit out of place in the context of Channel Awesome, but they're well worth a look