Reviews: Knightfall

Knightfall Review

Well I personally enjoyed it. A tad long overall, especially with all of the build up. I thought the art was okay, but not great. When I saw Az-Bat's costume as a kid it looked cool, but seeing it now, it just looks sort of silly. I would have to say my only problem is with how Bane defeats Batman. Now I can't speak for anyone else, this is only my own opinion, but I would have preferred Bane do something like study how Batman fights, and then challenge him head on, so that his victory would seem respectable. Instead Bane goes for the wait until he's so weak that he can barely even fight back route. I know it was supposed to be strategy, but it's always come off as more cowardice to me. It felt less like Bane was the brilliant, and powerful villain he was touted as and more like he was a bully who would only pick a fight where he would not only win, but wouldn't even have the slightest chance of getting hurt in the process. Though again this is just me personally.