Reviews: The Sandman

review of the sandman comic

the sandman, a comic book written by Neil Gailman and illustrated along its run by certain different artists is considered ,along with Watchmen and a few others, one of the best, most mature, and deepest comics of all time. Upon its release it gathered a cult following and to this day, several years after its ending it is consdered a classic of comic books and a masterpiece of the blend between storytelling and imagery.

The Sandman tells the tale of Dream or Morpheus, the Lord of the Dreaming. Dream is one of the seven Endless, a family of Anthropomorphic Personifications that embody certain principles that precede humans. Throughout the course of the story the personality of Dream evolves as incidents around him hapen that change in a way that had never happened before, and we are presented to a multitude of characters: mortals, demons, gods and Dream's own family. Every single one of them in contrimental towards the story, even though their relevance isnt always evident.

Now, as for my own opinion; i think the good of the story is well, everything, from its characters, to the overall plot and the sheer crreativity in all. The drawings are all excellent, even though as the series went the style changed greatly. In the first issues the drawings were gritty and, then the style changed to more stylish and finnally in the last arc the drawings are more paint-like and simply beautiful As for the bad, i really think the pacing was just off as sometimes. Also a lot of things are left unnswered: what happened to Beelzebub, why did hell stopped being a triunvirate, why did Delight became Delirium, who killed the first Despair? But what really annoy was the climax, not it in itself but rather the way it was presented:theres the builup and then randomly the point of view changes, and what could be awesome and memorable becomes anticlimatic, disappointing and very very confusing. Also the sheer amount of side characters is ,again, confusing and at the end you jsut dont care abpout most of them also , it is worth notning shit CAN get real this is in no way for the faint, innocent or weak, things can get ugly, gory n disturbing.

Despite this, bad points are completely balanced out and this a classic and a completely recomendable piece of work not for anyone that likes comics but for anyone that likes good stories as a whole.

True Myth

Take every archetype, every bit of the collective subconscious, every great myth. Distill them with Atlantian wine, demon tears and angel glow. Drink it all on Friday the 13th of October under the full moon. And perhaps you will be able to understand what this series feels like.

It is beautiful and amazing and brilliant. It is all our dreams made flesh. It is a better religion than any ever worshipped, and it will be remembered yet when the world ends.