Reviews: Nemesis

Villain-Sue: The Comic

I have to give credit to Mark Millar: he probably did set out to writ the most impossibly foresighted and nigh-invincible villain ever, and he did succeed. This doesn't mean I'll praise it, though.

Good villains sometimes make you root for them, not that you want them to win(though sometimes you actually do), but you want to know what they'll do next. There are few moments when you actually care whether Nemesis will be caught, or what is he planning next, but those moments are quickly undermined by all the other times when either he impersonates deus ex machina or everyone else is awfully careless("sure, let's not worry about the seasoned identity thief; he'll be no trouble, probably").

And then there are the wall bangers. When Millar really outdoes himself and bends the laws of probability or makes up vague biology that only serves to make Nemesis' plan more "perfect". What it does accomplish, though, is making everything far-fetched.

There's a twist there, and it's not bad. But then the ending is actually pointless. This story is pretty much a train wreck: it's not pretty, but you just can't turn your eyes away. So you better not even start, unless you're in the mood for a blatant Villain Sue. In that case... I guess to each their own.