Reviews: Miracleman

Dream of Flying...

Alan Moore's Miracleman on the whole is fairly uneven. It is less of a whole than V for Vendetta, Watchmen or even Swamp Thing, but for the final two issues of Miracleman alone, this series is awesome.

Miracleman brims with that emotion of "losing someone to the fairies", the mothers and fathers who lost their children to the Pied Piper of Hamilton. It brims with a sense of loss, loss of identity, personality, humanity and family. The fact that it's done in a superhero story adds to that unbearable sense of poignancy which runs through the stories. If you ever wanted to put aside childish things it's this, as MM says to Kid Miracleman, "You took something wonderful and turned it into sewage." That is to say, it's about something become sewage about the imagination being poisoned.

Miracleman is a superior deconstruction to superheroes than others simply because it attacks the idea of Wish Fulfillment, because wishes being granted or given to you is not the same as being fulfilled. Miracleman succeeded in poisoning the idea of utopia and perfection forever for me. In that respects, it's a welcome corrective.