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An Execrable Waste of Time for All Involved
Where do I begin? Everything about this comic is terrible. - The art is ugly and constantly off-model, the inconsistency highlighting the creator's low standards and his expectations of his audience. There's an excellent example of this early one in which Baranoff simply draws two eyes on a blank white page. - The writing is contrived. Baranoff has a tendency to use the strip as a soapbox for his political and philosophical views, it often branches off into tract territory. - The characters are drab, flat and unlikeable. They're one-dimensional in both literal and figurative senses. Bob is a good example. He's a stoner that likes sex. There's very little else to him. - The "humour". When it's not a poorly written dick joke, it's a poorly written drug reference. "Billy Bong Thornton" and "Do you need a map of my vagina" being prime examples. It's like watching humour genocide. If it was Baranoff's intent, and this is a possibility, to plumb the depths of poor open-mic college stand-up and place it in comic form, he's succeeded. In fact, the name "comic" is definitely a misnomer in this case, as is the Baranoff's pretentious use of the word "comix". - Endless pop-culture references. While amusing in the likes of Spaced, that was because some effort went into scripting, the references to pop-culture worked with the dialogue and actually enhanced the stories. This vile piece makes Family Guy's attempts at wit look like Wilde's.

Overall: F. Only worth reading as a lesson in complete incompetence.
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