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Not groundbreaking, but still pretty damn good
This series has proven that there is one thing you can expect from a series made by the man known as Kazuhiro Takamura, and that is fanservice. Lots of fanservice.

I'm certain that much will be said about the gratuitous amounts of fanservicey bits (Notably the ass shots) that populate this series, and that it will probably detract people from it. Hell, even I got a bit disturbed by some of the fanservice. Mayo bukkake and Akane shoving her ass in Rei's face to show her birth mark, anybody?

But when all is said and done, if you rip the 'envelope' a bit, you find something that is actually pretty sweet. Sure, this is no Madoka Magica (For starters, the series has a constant idealistic tone that is never questioned nor malignantly twisted *wink*), but that's fine. Just like Kazuhiro's other work, Strike Witches, this is a story of camaraderie and teamwork to face seemingly impossible odds, a series about how The Power Of Friendship can set universes in motion. No matter how different you are, what your aspirations are or what reasons you have to do what you do, there is always someone there willing to understand you and give you a hand, and if you take it, you will have the strength to move mountains.

All in all, you should give it a try. Look a bit above the ass shots and the lesbian undertones and this series will charm you.
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