Reviews: Vandread

Good, but could've been Great

Let me explain this further. This series has an interesting idea, with some interesting concepts, which it doesn't take full advantage of.

The idea of men and women being divided and in conflict is obviously nothing new, but this is the first time I think I've seen a mecha series take this on, and in space to top it off. And initially, it looks promising in that respect, when we see the almost funny propaganda that's made of women that depicts as demonic hell beasts. However, not too far into the series, that is pretty quickly side lined in exchange of concepts of individuality and self-determination. Which isn't bad, but you had this really interesting idea set up, and you got rid of it rather quickly. We don't really learn that much about Tarak, outside from the first episode, and we learn even less about Mejere, aside from what we're told. There were many opportunities to really learn of the features of either culture, and the relations that grow as a result of two groups that were told to hate each other suddenly being thrust into the same living space. I don't know if they were afraid of stepping on toes, or hitting the aesop of "men and women need each other" too on the nose, but when you use this concept, the former is possible, and the latter is assured, so go all out. I guess an argument could be made that it was more on the individual level of the characters interacting, but this story is on such a grand scale, that it doesn't really work. Sometimes it does do that, the interactions between Hibiki and the lead females are done quite well, and you really do get a sense of the camaraderie that's built up among them.

Alright with that, let me just say that as a whole, the series is still good. The characters are likable, the story, while not as much as it could be, is good, there are some good ideas, and while the animation is nothing spectacular, its good, and the Conspicuous CG is not as bad as others. So, I do recommend, and like it, I just wish it gave us a little more.