Reviews: Shigofumi


Shigofumi is a nice, short anime with a rather interesting premise. The premise in question is about these special mail carriers (who themselves are deceased people) who deliver special letters called "shigofumi". These letters are written by the deceased and are then given to the mail carriers to deliver to the intended recipient. Here the series mainly follows a carrier named Mikawa, along with some other character who is followed throughout the episode (and said character is usually the recipient of a Shigofumi) and how their lives are and how the letter impacts their life and situation.

The characters are all very interesting and have fleshed out personalities. These characters develop throughout their episode (unless they are reoccurring in which case they have more development time), presenting their issues along with the impact of the shigofumi they receive. The shows tone is mostly dark, it is not uncommon for a character to die for quite cruel reasons. The characters also are able to induce a sense of empathy with some viewers, though what is clever about it is that it is not in a way that the viewer may want to admit to anyone other then themselves. Their situations and the effect of the letters is far more interesting then I am letting on in this review, I would suggest viewing it personally to judge for yourself.

The series and characters themselves ask some very thought provoking questions. The series deals with death, life value, and understanding of others (to a degree). Later in the series you get some interesting topics along with it regarding personal identity on a more metaphysical/ontological level. Death is the main subject of thought and the show, and most of the thought provoking stuff relates back to that.

While I personally loved the series, it is a rather slower paced and focusing more on character development, story, and getting it's message across. This is by no means bad as it does a rather nice job of it, but it probably won't interest those who want something fast paced and full of action and fight scenes. I find it quite unfortunate that the series is not that well known, I personally thought it was brilliant.