Reviews: Heroic Age

A Good if not overly Ambitious Series

I am a sucker for the space opera, and this series delivers on exactly that, along with large scale fights between giant monsters and mecha. And together, it makes for a very entertaining series.

I won't some up the plot, since its a tad complicated, but I will say that its very ambitious, and grand in its conflict. It covers all sorts of ideas and concepts, and delivers on almost all of them. At times it can be a tad predictable and convoluted, and for the most part, the series knows where to keep the focus, and that's on the conflict and the characters. Most of the leads are not particularly original, but they make up for it with the fact that each character plays a significant role in the conflict (in other words, take out this character, you could damage the story on the whole).

The action in this series, is also very good, combining large battles between entire fleets, to close combat between giant kaiju, giant bugs, and giant robots. It takes full adverting of its setting in space, and we see all sorts of locations for a battle. The animation was done by XEBEC, which also did works like Majestic Prince and Shaman King. That said, I'm not a fan of this particularly style of character animation, but that's just a matter of taste, and not necessarily a problem with the series.

But this series does have its flaws. As mentioned in the title, this series wants to do a lot with the story that it has, but suffers somewhat from over ambition, so there are times where some concepts fail to properly develop or are ultimately forgotten about. For example, it is indicated multiple times that this is a vast universe populated with a great many races, but we only really see a few outside of the main ones. We also have the episode where they invade the Bronze homeworld and find themselves slaughtering non-combatants, and they essentially forget about it in the following episode.

The story also could stand with slightly more backstory, to understand how exactly the setting came to be what it is now. For example, while we get plenty of reason why the other races serve the Silver Tribe so faithfully, we don't get any real reason why the Bronze Tribe does, especially considering they don't seem to get anything out of it.

And for what its worth, the notes to Greek mythology sometimes work, but sometimes just seem tacked on. A person fairly familiar with the mythology can probably recognize them, though it sometimes seems like just an attempt to seem more flashy to the viewer.

However, these flaws don't detract in anyway form the series, and still make for an entertaining show. If you're a fan of science fiction and large action, you'll probably like this series.